Say Goodbye to Power Failure and Hello to Constant Power Supply in your Homes and Offices.


Synco Electrical an electrical supply company in Lagos Nigeria that manufactures and supplies high-quality Electrical power transformer, Stay wire, high tension clamps, armoured cables and more


Electrical Power Transformer

We offer you the highest quality standards in Nigeria. Every power transformer unit we deliver to our customers has been manufactured to provide consistent performance, dependability and long service life.

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Electrical Armoured Cables

Our electrical cables such as aluminum conductor cables and armoured cables are extensively used in building wiring for lighting, power and control circuits permanently installed in buildings & installation labor is saved.

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Electrical Insulators

We supply quality electrical insulators that are manufactured using superior raw materials. The various electrical insulator available include; 33KV Gang Insulators, High Tension Insulators, Shackle Insulators and more.

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